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Our Ethics Charter and our CSR approach

Code of ethics and CSR approach by SYRES - Respecting its values ​​and having them respected

Since its creation in 1997, Syres has made every effort to respect its values ​​and have them respected.

Respecting our commitments remains a priority with regard to the relationship with our panelists, our employees, our customers, our partners and our suppliers.

Live together

We make every effort to offer an internal and external organization that strives to respect our human values ​​and combine:

  • Transparency
  • Protection, Health and Hygiene
  • Valuation of skills
  • Respect and Listen
  • Quality
  • Efficiency and Cohesion
Work together

We pay particular attention to our stakeholders and are driven by a perpetual quest to improve our exchanges over time.

  • Mastery and Knowledge
  • Expertise and Professionalism
  • Adaptation and Collaboration
  • Tool Safety
  • Information processing
  • Data protection
Progress Together

Our ambition is to evolve through discussions with our panelists, customers and suppliers.

  • Open-mindedness and Anticipation
  • Appreciation and Benevolence
  • Sharing and Motivation
  • Ambition and Performance
  • Fair treatment
Preserving Together

We have been focusing our efforts for several years on the impacts of our activity and do everything we can to adopt a responsible and sustainable attitude.

  • Safety and quality
  • Guarantee of the information collected
  • Analysis and limitation of impacts
  • Promotion of good practices
  • Process improvement
  • Commitment to local and responsible partners
SYRES' CSR pillars
Social dimension
"Offer an internal organization that strives to combine efficiency, well-being and cohesion."
Environmental dimension
" Focus our efforts on the impacts of our activity, in particular packaging and shipping. "
Economic dimension
" Pay particular attention to our external stakeholders, and first and foremost to our panelists. "
Societal and territorial dimension
"Continue our commitment to the local economy and to actions of general interest."
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