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Our Ethics Charter and our CSR approach

Code of ethics and CSR approach by SYRES - Respecting its values ​​and having them respected

Since its creation in 1997, Syres has made every effort to respect its values ​​and have them respected.

Respecting our commitments remains a priority with regard to the relationship with our panelists, our employees, our customers, our partners and our suppliers.

This year we obtained an Ecovadis silver medal (score in the top 15% of companies).

Check out our ethics and CSR charter.

Live together

We make every effort to offer an internal and external organization that strives to respect our human values ​​and combine:

  • Transparency
  • Protection, Health and Hygiene
  • Valuation of skills
  • Respect and Listen
  • Quality
  • Efficiency and Cohesion
Work together

We pay particular attention to our stakeholders and are driven by a perpetual quest to improve our exchanges over time.

  • Mastery and Knowledge
  • Expertise and Professionalism
  • Adaptation and Collaboration
  • Tool Safety
  • Information processing
  • Data protection
Progress Together

Our ambition is to evolve through discussions with our panelists, customers and suppliers.

  • Open-mindedness and Anticipation
  • Appreciation and Benevolence
  • Sharing and Motivation
  • Ambition and Performance
  • Fair treatment
Preserving Together

We have been focusing our efforts for several years on the impacts of our activity and do everything we can to adopt a responsible and sustainable attitude.

  • Safety and quality
  • Guarantee of the information collected
  • Analysis and limitation of impacts
  • Promotion of good practices
  • Process improvement
  • Commitment to local and responsible partners
SYRES' CSR pillars
Review of CSR actions carried out between 2021-2023
Social pillar
"Offer an internal organization that strives to combine efficiency, well-being and cohesion."
  • 5 internal events organized in 2023 compared to 3 in 2022 to promote team cohesion (an annual event bringing together the France and Singapore teams).
  • Celebration of birthdays of all employees since September 2023 and that of the General Director by Syres staff.
  • Celebration of the Mother's Day and Father's Day since 2023.
  • 1st Christmas tree for children of staff in 2023.
  • 3 Newsletters internal broadcasts.
  • 3 awareness workshops carried out with employees (cybersecurity, digital impact, disability at work).
  • Continued awareness staff via internal notes, emails, displays, etc. on various themes related to health, safety, well-being at work and good practices (energy savings, etc.).
  • Work carried out for better working conditions.
  • HR presence : 1/2 day per month available to staff since January 2023 then creation of internal position since September.
  • SYRES participation in 4 thematic workshops organized by occupational medicine (teleworking, disability, DUERP, RPS).
Environmental pillar
" Focus our efforts on the impacts of our activity, in particular packaging and shipping. "
  • 2 diagnoses carried out (Eco flow, decarbonization).
  • Consumption of plastic packaging divided by 5 (bubble bags).
  • 52% reduction in paper consumption from 2021 to 2023.
  • Switching from sending paper customer protocols to electronically.
  • 50 kgs of recycled paper to replace plastic packaging.
  • 17% reduction in email storage.
  • Server cleaning to reduce digital impact.
  • Implementation of waste sorting (6 bins).
  • Reduction in energy bill by 13% between 2021 and 2022 (figures pending for 2023).
  • Installation of 24 solar panels in Chavenay in 2023.
  • 3500 kg of destruction of archive boxes for recycling purposes.
  • 36% reduction in paper archiving from 2022 to 2023.
  • Gradual transition from the use of industrial cleaning products to natural cleaning products.
  • Transfer of the Singapore office to a coworking site (pooling of spaces and energy resources).
  • Reduction in the number of packages sent thanks to the distributions made at the test bar.
  • Switching to a hybrid vehicle fleet.
  • Installation of a charging station for electric vehicles.
Economic pillar
" Pay particular attention to our external stakeholders, and first and foremost to our panelists. "
  • Opening of the test bar in Paris for better proximity with our panelists.
  • Opening of a second site in Paris for best welcome from our customers and offer them a new service: carrying out instrumental studies.
  • 5 events organized for the panelists in 2023 compared to 1 in 2022 (open days in Paris and Chavenay, end-of-year cocktail, day dedicated to the promotion of a customer brand, sensory analysis pot panel).
  • Sending promo codes to the panelists for birthdays.
  • Prize draws of panelists for gift giving
  • Distribution of gifts child panelists during customer testing.
  • A solidarity race et 3 focus groups organized with panelists from Singapore.
  • 10 partners audited for evaluation of their CSR approach.
Societal and territorial pillar
"Continue our commitment to the local economy and to actions of general interest."
  • €3300 in donations made to French associations.
  • €1000 donation made to a Franco-Philippine NGO by SYRES Singapore.
  • 2 mornings of food distribution for populations in need by the Singapore team.
  • 3 days of waste collection organized in France including 1 with Singapore.
  • 1 collection for Ukraine (food bank and basic necessities).
  • 2 toy collections for Christmas and distribution via an association.
  • 3 days of volunteering carried out by Ana for the Maison Calypso association.
  • One day of volunteering per year offered to each employee who wishes it.
  • Partnership established with ESAT (packing carried out by Victor and Sylvain with disabilities).
  • 3 people with disabilities welcomed by the team to promote their integration.
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