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28/07/2021 - Mini-panels dedicated to the evaluation of makeup by Syres

Mini-panels dedicated to the evaluation of makeup by Syres

Since the start of the year, Syres has set up makeup mini-panels.

These panels of volunteers dedicated to the evaluation of make-up allow rapid tests and specific to different makeup categories : complexion, lips and eyes. These consumer tests are carried out by these "expert" panelists in makeup, either live in the centers of Chavenay (78) or Paris either in real conditions d'utilisation.

These specific consumer tests follow new product claims that have appeared since the health crisis and assess the main organoleptic and sensory characteristics different makeup products, their resistance over time and their resistance to wearing a mask.

The constitution of these specific make-up panels, having a high availability allow an agile organization of these consumer tests such as the evaluation of the resistance of products under the constraint of wearing a mask. in all circumstances, and validate the claim long-lasting or mask-proof.

  • The products are applied in our centers in order to obtain immediate self-assessment the packaging, the texture, the ease and sensation of application, the make-up result and the pleasantness of the product.
  • The performance of the products is then checked and validated at different times of the day, in real time with our volunteers, with or without wearing a mask depending on the objectives, through an online application.
  • Each volunteer is selected according to their habits of use of their main makeup product and their ability to clearly express their perceptions.

Syres currently offers tests on these panels of more than 25 women by product category:

  • classic mascara,
  • waterproof mascara,
  • lipstick,
  • foundation

The Sensory Department also develops lexicons with their volunteers to measure the sensory properties of products and their effectiveness in terms of results and hold.

Their panels can move quickly and regularly to evaluate these products throughout the year..

Syres teams remain at your disposal to answer any request.



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